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Integrative Therapy

Welcome to The Living Tree, a metaphor for life.  As a life long lover of Nature I truly believe that wisdom is revealed to us when we are immersed in nature.  Embracing nature has helped me slow down, meditate more, connect to my body and to cultivate what I call "natural inner peace".  I am here to share this with you, so you too can feel calm, happy and connected.

Meet Meghan

Licensed Massage Therapist & CBD Consultant

Let's cultivate natural inner peace together through meditation, yoga, body therapies and CBD to restore the mind-body balance.  Begin today by contacting me for a consultation to decrease stress and increase your natural inner peace.



I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you wherever you are in this moment.

Image by Mattia Pavesi

Inner Peace is Not a Future Destination it is a State of Mind Held in the Here and Now.  Begin Today.

Body Therapy

Body Therapy

"This week has been incredible.  I’ve felt more calm and content in general and I am sleeping really well.  I also feel like its been easier to articulate my thoughts and emotions, especially in an assertive way which is often difficult for me. "

- Sean P,  Boston

CBD Therapy

“The CBD from Meghan works wonders. My main focus in trying it was for pain relief and muscle relaxation and there has definitely been an improvement in my muscular tension.  Also, taking a dose at night allowed me to sleep better which is what I believe lets my body heal.“

- Liana S,  NYC 

CBD, after 1 month

"Since I started with the Liposomal CBD tincture, that ugly, cloudy, fogginess I felt prior has cleared and I there was definitely a mental shift. I notice that now have more clarity throughout my day, I feel present, focused, and much more aware of what is going on around me.  It ultimately makes me feel more mentally sharp which leads me to be happier & to have more productive days."

- Emily H,  NJ



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